Frequently Asked Questions

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Would you happen to have a menu?
We don't have a fixed menu and occasionally vary our offerings. Please follow us on our Telegram channel (@eatshiokfood) to stay current.

Where are you located?
We are a home-based kitchen located on the North Shore in Auckland. Due to privacy reasons, we are not at liberty to disclose our address except to customers who purchase from us.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we do, for a flat fee of $10. However, a minimum of $150 order (from our weekly specials) applies only if placed within a 10km radius of Takapuna Central. We'd like to encourage you to please enquire before ordering.

What does 'shiok' mean?
Pronounced /ˈʃiːɒk/, shiok is a Singlish (Singapore English) onomatopeia for something indescribably enjoyable, tasty or pleasing; used as a term of general approval. E.g. This sambal is spicy but super shiok!

Is your food halal?
We do not serve pork or lard. We also source our meets from halal butchers and use halal cooking methods.

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