Our Super Shiok story

Our vision

We want to be where people go when they want to eat Singapore food in Aotearoa, New Zealand.​

Though a home-based kitchen (for now), like the Little Red Dot we originated from, we punch above our weight and one day hope to become a tour de force in the New Zealand food scene.

In 2020, Singapore's hawker culture was added to the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and we could not help but rejoice with the team of 5.7 million back home. This recognition buoys us, and we are making it our mission to keep this passion for Singapore food alive, even when we are 8,000km from the Motherland. And we hope that you will enjoy eating our food as much as we enjoy making it.​



As Cesar Chavez said: "The people who give you their food, give you their heart."​



Our origins

Super Shiok Eats is a passion project.​ Apart from satisfying an innate urge to leave a legacy her family and children can be proud of, founder and Chief of Everything, Adlena, is spurred on by the living force of the melting pot of cultures in her home country, Singapore and how they have been interpreted through food.​As Adlena is born of mixed heritage of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and Peranakan (Straits-born Chinese), she wants Super Shiok Eats to show Singapore cuisine as it is. The food offered at Super Shiok Eats is deeply personal, reflecting Adlena's background, heritage and quirks. It is purposefully approachable and comforting.​Fully aware that cooking the dishes that she does is not an exact science, Adlena spares no expense with injecting her flavour and interpretations, and adaptations of freely-available recipes as well as those family formulae handed down inadvertently to her and tucked away securely in her food memory. That memory is still filled with images of these women often huddled together in the kitchen peeling garlic and onions, pounding aromatics and spices in the mortar and pestle, taking turns weaving coconut leaves and stirring huge periuks of dodols, curries and rendang, filling the house with a heady aroma.​ For as long as Adlena remembers and knows it like the mixed blood coursing through her veins: cooking is social, and eating, communal. ​Because of this and more, Adlena is making it a mission for Super Shiok Eats to continue this culture and allow it to burst into a wider community with quality and accessible food and the realness of the people who live and die by it.​ And her only wish is that the people will enjoy, love, and remember it.​